Museo Diocesano e del Codex 
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87067 - Rossano (Cs) 
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The new multimedia setting up of the museum
The new setting up of the diocesan museum and of the Codex sprung from a research of balance from the previous organizations. With the aim to valorize the artworks on exhibit, but also to give didactic approach, by including the history of the museum and of the cathedral in the artistic contest of Calabria, through references with the territory.

The new innovative idea of the museum is based on the distinction of two main areas, separated by a directional corridor. One section is completely dedicated to the Codex Purpureus, while the other is dedicated to the history of the diocese and the city of Rossano through the centuries, through the exhibition of the most important masterpieces.

Both sections are enriched by multimedia supports and virtual applications that allow the visitor to read information about the Codex and the other masterpieces in the museum through touch-screen devices and videos with didactic approaches, but also anecdotes about the history and the artworks belonging to the Diocese.

In every room, a touch screen explains, in a chronological way, some of the most important pieces on the diocesan territory.

The different sections are explained to the visitor at the entrance of the museum, in the directional corridor, through a multimedia device, in which the legendary figure of the monk Efrem, founder of the Cathedral, tells the origin and history of the museum and the two sections.
A special multimedia browser, in the room of the Codex, will allow the visitor to appreciate, in high definition, all the illuminations contained in the precious manuscript , and enjoy details unnoticed before.
Museo Diocesano e del Codex - Via Arcivescovado, 5 87067 – Rossano (Cs)