Museo Diocesano e del Codex 
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87067 - Rossano (Cs) 
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ROOM  06-07: Rossano in the XVIII and XIX century - Silverware collection
In the last two rooms are gathered the most important objects made between the XVIII and the XIX century. After the terrible earthquake of 1836, and the subsequent recovery of the city with the arrival of some masters from Serra San Bruno, that were summoned to create new masterpieces.
Artworks in the museum: silverware collections – liturgical clothing – the wooden sculpture of the Assumption and saint Francis of Paola, both by Vincenzo Zaffino from Serra San Bruno. A painting of Saint Bruno (1842) by Venanzio Pisani from Serra San Bruno.
In particular, in the last room, the visitor can admire precious liturgical clothing and objects which were once part of the treasure of the Cathedral. The artworks, belonging to different periods and use, are explained, with reference also to the use and the liturgical meaning in church and during services.
Museo Diocesano e del Codex - Via Arcivescovado, 5 87067 – Rossano (Cs)